Because We’re Reliable, Precise, and Fast

We are a provider of custom replacement and prototype parts for the industrial market. Our focus has always and will always be to create parts that are of the highest possible quality. We leverage our experience and expertise while also seeking out top-notch talent to work for us. Our skilled team is constantly looking for ways to improve themselves, making our work consistent with industry standards.

We have experience crafting: various sizes of shafts, rollers, brackets, bushes, scrapers, housing, pistons, fixtures, nest plates, base plates. We’re skilled with machines such as: CNC Okuma Lathe, manual lathe, 3 and 2 Axes CNC mill and manual mill.


NB Machinery Ltd. has been in operation since the year 2000 and was founded and is still currently operated by Nick Bona. Nick arrived in Canada in the summer of 1990 with the dream of having his own business. After he worked as a machinist for 10 years for a small shop it was time to open his own, so in 2000 N.B. Machinery Parts Ltd. was created. Over the course of the last 14 years the business grew steadily due to Nick’s expertise, knowledge and hard work. N.B. Machinery now employs 4 people.